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Here for Home, Always is a campaign to continue the work started five years ago with Here for Home after Superstorm Sandy hit areas of New Jersey and New York. With the broad scope of geographical impact from Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and possible additional impacts from tropical weather events, Here for Home, Always is not limited to any one impacted area, and instead will benefit the St. Bernard Project, a longstanding partner with TCNJ that focuses on rebuilding and resiliency.

Support given to the St. Bernard Project is funneled to multiple areas in need so it will likely support rebuilding efforts in southeast Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and other areas that may be impacted by the storms to come. They also have ongoing efforts in New Jersey and Long Island to rebuild after Superstorm Sandy.

TCNJ will be leading additional efforts for support of impacted communities throughout the coming year, but at this early stage the most needed support comes in the form of financial resources.
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Other Supporting Organizations

TCNJ acknowledges the work of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities in support of the institutions of higher learning impacted by Hurricane Harvey. To learn more, visit Here for Houston.